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From Demo to Spotify Playlists, we can help bring your vision to life with In house Musicians & an Experienced Producer. We also have tight connections to other talented Musicians, Media Crew, Managers/Booking Agencies, etc.


Starting at $70/hour

Book the studio to record Vocals, Instruments, Drums, or just about anything! We cover everything from singing - rap - voiceovers/podcasts. We are familiar with working with the inexperienced and the highest level of creatives!


$500/single Full Mix

(Simpler songs may follow hourly rate)

You've spent hours, weeks, months, maybe even years  - writing, recording, & revising your music until now. Don't let all your hard work be hidden by mixing and mastering flaws. Bring out the best in your recordings with Mixing & Mastering.

(Affecting individual elements of a song by Volume/Stereo Balance, Equalization, Compression, Limiting, Harmonic Enhancement, and Special Spacial Effects)

Work is done on Focal Professional SM9 Studio Monitors with high quality BURL D/A Converters, Dangerous Analog Summing/Compression. ProTools/Studio One/UAD/Waves/Acustica Mixing/Mastering Software.


Starting a $80/single

Loud & Clean with an Analog touch, have us fine tune your Final Mixdown. We can do Stereo or Stem Mastering. (Corrective EQ/Compression/Saturation Enhancements/Widening/Limiting/Loudness Maximizing)



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