The Studio & Noah Cronin

Sea Major Seven is about trying to make great music that will last. Quality & Originality are prioritized. We will work with you to get your project completed within the best interest of your music and direction, even if that means suggesting that you go elsewhere to make your music.

The Studio is conveniently located in Honolulu on the island of Oahu, Hawaii -  10 minutes away from the airport & 20 minutes away from Waikiki.  

We have a carefully selected inventory of studio gear. With the vast knowledge & experience of the engineer/producer, we are confident you will be pleased with the results - We will work with you till you are happy!

NOAH CRONIN - Owner of Sea Major Seven Inc. (Record Label & Company) - Primary Producer/Engineer.

Has an Associates of Science in Audio Engineering & Music Business. Trained by and now works with many of Hawaii, Mainland US, New Zealand, and U.K.'s top Producers, Engineers, Artists and Musicians. 

A perfectionist, while also passionate about the raw-organic vibes that make everyone unique in music. Always looking towards the end goals and doing what it takes to get there, while respecting and considering others opinions/ideas. 

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